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Our Kitchens

We've taken care of the first hurdle for you - so you can get started quickly and focus on building your food brand.

Why choose Kitch Hub?

State Of The Art Kitchen

We have kitchen spaces for all your needs. Our kitchens sizes vary from 12 msq to 32msq .

Bespoke Options

Would you like to design the layout of your kitchen according to your needs or like a large extraction canopy? No problem! We can work with you and design a kitchen that supports your business.

Ready To Go

Each kitchen is fitted with gas points, three-phase supply, extraction system, double prep sink, hand wash basin, hygienic walls, non slip floor and more.

Natural Light

The health benefits of natural light are endless and something we do not take for granted. All of our kitchens have windows which can also be opened for fresh air, improving the health of your staff.


Kitchen Hubs start from £1,350 per month

What's Included


Double prep sink

Hand wash basin

Extraction & ventilation

Natural gas & interlock system

Three phase supply

Single phase supply

Non-slip floor

Hygienic walls / skirting

Commercial high power lighting

Fire rated infrastructure & safety system


Communal cleaning

Pest control

Waste management

High Speed Wifi

Security system

Check out our FAQ section for more details

Limited Kitch Hub spaces currently available

Get in touch with us today before all our current slots are filled!